Tea in Blue, 14 x 11, oil on panel

Featured Painting June 2016

Tea in Blue also features a Mexican glazed tile that I picked up from the Olvera Stree Market here in downtown Los Angeles and a decorative piece of fabric that I love because it reminds me of a dress that I was given as a gift from a man who sold Indian exports in Berkeley. […]

Self Portrait in Mirror, 20 x 16, oil on panel

Upcoming and Recent Exhibitions

This summer’s exhibition schedule is kicking off with Gallery 1261’s Figurative II exhibition which just opened this Friday. I have two paintings in the show, Self Portrait and I’d Love to See You Before I Go. The show will be up until July 16, so if you are in the Denver area be sure to […]



I’ve always been intrigued by pattern and color. Currently I am exploring these elements and going back to a more polished, detailed and elegant style. The last couple years have been a practice and pursuit to find a more confident and straight forward approach to painting. After the amount of time I spent learning from […]